ERP Must Reads of the Month

In this monthly round-up, I’ve gathered some of the best articles that are sure to help you with any of your ERP questions, discussions and needs! There has been tons of talk this month about the effectiveness of the ERP system and why it could be extremely beneficial to your company. If this has been a wandering question around your business, then let this list of useful articles assist you. I’ve provided sources, examples, and possible next steps!


How to Choose an Effective ERP for Ecommerce

Brain Sins understands how difficult and daunting it could be to choose the right ERP for your business and he wants to help. In his article, he provides us with important things to consider. I suggest taking a look at this article before choosing to implement any system.


Going All In On Cloud ERP Boosts Business and IT Process Effectiveness at KBBO

This article from Forbes explains how the adoption of the cloud ERP helped boost the business and effectiveness of the KBBO group. Forbes narrates the decision making process and thoughts that occurred within KBBO, and how they arrived at their final choice. Hearing their success story could influence you into making the right decision.

Speed Up User Onboarding and Increase Adoption

Managing Resources: ERP Industry Trends That Impact Bottom Line

This article is a great read for anyone who is new to understanding what an ERP system does, or how it can benefit your business. By going back to the basics this article discusses what ERP is, how it can help your business grow, the difference between on-premises and cloud-based, and much more!


8 Must-Have Two-Tier ERP Features

This article from Enterprise Apps Today is a necessary read if you are at all considering upgrading to a two-tier ERP. Discussing all the benefits and considerations, this article could aid you in your decision. There are some great features that come with a two-tier system like greater capabilities and a process that is sure to be more efficient.


Microsoft’s Next Dynamics ERP Suite Is Live On Azure

This next article from CIO is about the new ERP software that Microsoft released in the beginning of the month! If you’ve been wondering what is to be expected from this new software, and what it can add to your company, then start off by reading this article to get the gist of what is offered.


20 ERP Influencers to Keep Track of on Twitter

This great article is all about which top ERP influencers you should be following on Twitter! By following the people on this great list, you’ll be able to gain a lot of new information, and stay up to date on the latest industry news. This list ranges from R Ray Wang to PJ Jakovljevic, in no particular order.

3 Major Ways ERP Can Excel Your Business Growth

Thankfully, ERP was created in order to help our businesses grow and operate at their full potential. The simple process of an ERP system was designed for these benefits along with these 3 features: planning, parity and precision are made to help your business shine!

Five Signs It’s Time to Upgrade to ERP Software

This informative article describes the top 5 reasons and signs that it may be time to implement or upgrade the ERP software. If you notice that there is a lack of performance, room for cutting costs or insufficient efficiency, then upgrading to ERP software may be the next step for your business.

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