What Cloud Migration for HCM and ERP Should Start With

As many software companies have begun migrating to the cloud it is important to have your own migration strategy. This infographic by Aragon Research, discusses how to implement a transfer plan for ERP and HCM. It provides a great sense of clarity and is sure to answer many of your questions as to how to go about such a process.


First and foremost you must discover what your tactical approaches are to the applications, and how they are managed. Read more about how to convert your on-premise HCM and ERP to the cloud, including important issues that should be evaluated. For instance, making sure your software is language supported and that it has content storage.


It seems like it has become very popular for the HCM cloud migration because of its vendor’s success, and it’s important that we all understand how the process is done. This infographic breaks down some of the more challenging aspects that make the whole concept much easier to grasp.



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