There is a heated debate amongst two ERP software solutions;  Infor VS SAP. It’s likely you want to know the winner of the battle among the two and which is more useful for an enterprise. Infor is the privately held software company from the United States specializing in every enterprise software which includes resource planning,

How to Manage ERP Employee Training Costs

Studying employee training costs is one of the most important considerations when putting together an employee ERP training program. Not only are such costs necessary for maintaining the viability of personnel training, studying them also helps executives and managers appreciate what sort of goals and rewards they can expect from such investments. However, because of

3 Effective Change Management Training Activities for New ERP Implementation

In the modern business age, a lot of companies use change management training activities while implementing some new changes. In order to survive the tough competition, companies keep making some changes in their internal and external environment. Streamlining some processes, integrating business operations, reducing staff are some of the most common changes companies use to

How to Develop an ERP Organizational Development Training Strategies – 3 Tips for Getting Started

Organizational development training strategies are a chore to design and implement. Nobody in any industry or corporate culture would begin to try to debate otherwise. With so many things to consider, the worst of which being human element, it’s a logistical headache, and one of the greatest trials of leadership in general. But, organizational learning