5 Tried and Tested Tools to Improve Enterprise Software Onboarding & Adoption

Customer success is evaluated in two stages: On-boarding and adoption. On-boarding creates the first impression and adoption is ‘key’ to generating desired results. The following list is a comprehensive compilation of software solutions and tools which can improve EAS onboarding and adoption.   WalkMe A very powerful tool, WalkMe is a solution that offers onscreen guidance

3  Critical Indicators That Your Organization Needs an ERP System

ERP systems hold data for all departments and improve their daily cooperation. This can improve many of the company’s business affairs. Marketing then becomes centered as a result of information sharing between the sales and research departments. You will also be more efficient in the allocation of employees in an organization due to optimal integration

How to Lower the Cost of Training Employees to Use ERP Software

Is the money you are investing in employee training on your ERP software yielding the return you expected? You know there are problems with your training program if… after training your employees, they keep coming back, asking the same questions that were answered in the training program you notice that employees are not very productive

ERP Training Tips That Will Leave a Lasting Impact

Today the workplace is so diverse that it has increasingly become more difficult to design a one-size-fits-all ERP training program to prepare the workforce and get everybody up and running in no time. Successful training programs accommodate the diverse characteristics and personal preferences of users. Training new employees involves sharing company-specific knowledge and skills, as