How to Develop an ERP Organizational Development Training Strategies – 3 Tips for Getting Started

Organizational development training strategies are a chore to design and implement. Nobody in any industry or corporate culture would begin to try to debate otherwise. With so many things to consider, the worst of which being human element, it’s a logistical headache, and one of the greatest trials of leadership in general. But, organizational learning

The Gamification of Organizational Learning – A Look at Two Comparative Strategies

One of the most unique and new organizational learning strategies is gamification. The theory, which also applies to ERP learning and training, arises from the increasing embrace of gamer culture as a whole with younger generations rising to take the reins left for them by their predecessors. For starters, let’s talk about the nature of

ERP Implementation – Best Practices That Will Boost Productivty

Regardless of the nature of business you’re in, ERP implementation becomes a critical project that all organizations should handle with care. From cost concerns and ROI demonstration, to practical consideration about the right person to manage the process at the company, implementing ERP requires a lot of effort and commitment of the project team, supported

ERP Cloud Adoption – Here is How to Make it Work

ERP cloud adoption is a hotly debated topic and many IT executives are weighing whether they should consider moving their ERP systems to online offerings in the cloud. While most of them are mostly concerned with data security, cloud adoption continues to shake the workplace, with more and more organizations considering this option while a