How To Nail Training Programs for Your ERP That Appeal To Millennials and Boomers

  Your workforce is currently made up of two polar opposite groups of people – Boomers and Millennials. Baby Boomers are associated with virtues such as loyalty, dedication and perseverance and Millennials are associated with being technologically savvy and independent. Both generations have great virtues but these virtues translate into big differences in workplace skill

How Good Vision Plays a Major Role in Defining Good Leadership

Leadership has been described as,”a process of social influence in which a person can enlist the aid and support of others in the accomplishment of a common task”. Some understand a leader simply as somebody who people follow, or as somebody who guides or directs others. Others define leadership as motivating and organizing a group of people to achieve a common goal. Not long ago

5 Tried and Tested Tools to Improve Enterprise Software Onboarding & Adoption

Customer success is evaluated in two stages: On-boarding and adoption. On-boarding creates the first impression and adoption is ‘key’ to generating desired results. The following list is a comprehensive compilation of software solutions and tools which can improve EAS onboarding and adoption.   WalkMe A very powerful tool, WalkMe is a solution that offers onscreen guidance