4 Steps to a Perfect ERP Communication

But before you dig in, see how you can speed up user onboarding and increase adoption

ERP systems are not the most complicated system in the world to understand, however it may take some training in order to fully comprehend how to use it correctly, and different training is required for different employees. Many companies are providing their employees with ERP training to both educate them, and to increase communication with employees throughout the organization. CommLab India has created an insightful infographic to explain the four steps you should take to incorporate communication into your ERP training.

Step 1 is communicating the change, this way your employees will be interested in partaking in the training. Step 2 is early communication, be sure to inform employees about the change at an early and convenient time. Step 3 is constant communication, this way employees are sure to retain the information they received in training. Step 4 is listening to the feedback of your employees, which is very significant. These four steps are sure to assist your organization in a smooth and easy ERP training and ERP implementation.


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