Your ERP System May Be on Fire…In a Bad Way [Infographic]

Your ERP is burning out!

…Or maybe there are just some signs that the end of your ERP system is near… This great infographic by Epicor, which includes very entertaining firefighter analogies, explains that it may be time to replace your current system. Beginning with signals that your may have a poor functioning ERP system, or no system at all, this infographic is full of interesting statistics and critical information on how to prevent an ERP emergency.

A nice touch included in this infographic is the list of the top 5 criteria that companies consider when selecting a new system. The list consists of factors that should greatly affect the final decision. And if you find yourself questioning whether or not you will be able to afford a new system, this infographic has the answer for that too: by using ROI and readjusting your budget, you should be good to go! Check out what other interesting information and statistics are provided, and discover that you may be in need of a new ERP system!

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