6 Must-Reads This Month for ERP Specialists

This monthly round-up of articles is sure to have you kicking your ERP system into overdrive! If you are looking for help on how to start, improve or upgrade your ERP, you’ve come to the right place. And if you want to know what’s next for ERP and what the future holds, you’re also in the right place! Seems like ERP is expanding and showing no signs of slowing down.

ERP match-making tips for your organisation

This article is all about trying to help you pick the right ERP system for your business. Tech2 understands that ERP is all about making sure you have the best software to manage all your back end needs. Bringing into question 5 important factors to consider, this article focuses on the needs of your business, total cost, the implementation plan and much more.


Super-Charging Your ERP System for the Future

Every company has multiple expenses that need to be attended to and, at the time, each expense seems more important than the last. In this article, it is discussed how vital it is to make sure your ERP system is also taken care of and not left behind. Upgrading you ERP system makes sure that your company will be up-to-date and will have the chance at success. Providing useful tips on how to achieve this success and your goals, this article has it all.


ERP Implementation: Five Top Tips

In this article, The Manufacturer addressed that even though ERP implementation seems like a tricky thing to get right, if you follow these 5 tips then success could be in reach. Discussing communication, making sure the ERP is the right fit and much more this article is sure to aid you in avoiding classic mistakes.


3 Reasons Why Your Accounting Department Needs a Cloud ERP Finance Software

This article from Huffpost Business, places an importance on why any accounting department needs an ERP system. Stressing the facts that it will make the department more agile, limit the need for IT maintenance, and integration between other departments, it would be unwise to not implement ERP right away. However, these facts do not apply for accounting alone. Adopt ERP and see how it could greatly improve any department.


ERP Software Gets a Makeover

There seems to be some talk about the fact that ever since the start of ERP systems, there has been a lag. This article by CIO, explains how the importance placed on user experience has decreased. Luckily, ERP experts have begun to mention a variety of ways to improve ERP. With an emphasis on improving ERP productivity and effectiveness, CIO provides helpful advice on how to make sure you get the most out of your ERP system.

Microsoft – the Modern ERP Arms Merchant

Diginomica wants us all to know that it’s out with the old and in with the new for ERP! And the name behind this change is none other than Microsoft. Providing tools and products to tons of different ERP vendors, Microsoft has made it a priority to make sure these vendors are placing these solutions into their offerings. Looks like it’s time to say goodbye to the past era of ERP and say hello to the new and improved.


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