Great Infographic: The ERP Experience

This is exciting! It’s been a while since I saw an infographic so neat and well explained about the ERP experience. It’s very informative for those who aren’t familiar with the ERP system and has some useful “insights” for those who want to join the success. However, it also has something in it for us veteran users.

Overall, this infographic is aimed to persuade you, or your manager, to jump on board with ERP, while presenting the ups and downs that lie ahead.

For those of us who already use an ERP system, I believe it reminds us some forgotten (or never known before) facts. Based on a survey, the infographic, by SAP and TEK Systems, unveils the biggest challenge people have witnesses on their most recent ERP related project, which the majority of respondents pointed out “lack of qualified talent”.

Moreover, the infographic also points out the advantage of using an ERP system in saving money. 41% of the respondents said that, their most recent ERP project was completed on budget, which is, of course, a huge advantage.


Marissa Hart is the Lead Author & Editor of ERPeople. ERPeople is a blog focused on all Enterprise Resource Planning business management platforms. ERP can be used by a company to collect, store, manage, and interpret data from many business activities, including: Product planning, cost, manufacturing or service delivery, marketing, and sales.