ERP- Best Articles of the Month

You can stop wandering around the internet looking for great ERP articles! I gathered the best things you need to know this month about everything ERP, all in here for you to enjoy. I hope you’ll enjoy reading it as much I loved searching, reading and making this post…

How cloud ERP gets manufacturing work done

In this fantastic article by Mark Humphlett runs through some of the recent global adoption trends of ERP, the relicense upon ERP, and is looking into the future. I could go on and summarize the article, but Humphlett does it better than me: Manufacturers seeking the agility to prosper in today’s business environment are staking their future on cloud ERP.


Case study: ERP implementations at Curver & Story Homes

I think this article by Richard Crump is worth sharing, mainly because it’s just darn good. It covers a case study about the ERP implementation at the Curver & Story Homes, in a Q&A format with their financing chiefs.  Case studies really open a window for us, who deal with ERP implementation on a daily basis, to the different challenges people face in the process.


To ERP or Not to ERP: Should SMB’s Invest In Enterprise Resource Planning?

Another well written and straightforward article, presenting even more reasons why you should get an ERP solution for your company. Orgad Gratch presents the questions many face when considering using an ERP system, and shows the benefits small business can gain from it.  Orgad puts a necessary emphasis on the process of choosing the right ERP system for you, the kind that suits you best, and not just randomly pick something out- a common mistake many do.


Getting the Most out of Your ERP

In this article we tried to raise the issue of utilization through an infographic. More specifically, we tried to discuss ways for you to get the most out of your ERP. Presenting a great infographic by IBM, we went over some useful statistics showing the benefits midsize business can gain from using the right ERP system.

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