ERP Monthly Roundup

This month’s top ERP articles cover a variety of topics. These articles range from tips and advice on how to implement ERP more effectively, to explorations of ERP companies and historical precedence.

How to Implement ERP 20% Faster

One of the mistakes that several businesses fall into is believing that ERP is too costly to implement due to it taking too long. This article from ERP SoftwareBlog gives four tips on how to implement ERP up to 20% faster. Standardization goes a long way in getting everyone onboard on the same page.


From Mainframe to the Cloud: The History of ERP Software

This article from CIO provides an interesting retrospective of the history of ERP software. In the beginning over 50 years ago, it has been noted that tiny changes in technology ripple outward into massive shifts. Some of these shifts include decreased costs in hardware and increased flexibility, many of which come from the transition into cloud technology.


A New Breed of ERP

This article takes an interesting delve into, a company that uses a unique technological strategy of building on top of Salesforce, rather than just using the software as is. They are leveraging the cloud services that Salesforce is based on to offer more applications that are specialized for financial management.


Top 5 ERP Software Selection Myths

SelectHub offers a handful of myths and fallacies that surround ERP software selection, and by examining each of these, it will make the process much more clear. For example, one might think that the more features in ERP systems the better, but in fact it can be overwhelming and more difficult to streamline efficiently.


Paths to Success Using ERP

In this article, we analyze an infographic from SAP and Algorithm about the paths to success using ERP. The infographic itself follows an intuitive path, starting with a reason why one would be apprehensive about ERP software. The path continues by answering these questions with strong answers, backed up with data that supports ERP as a successful platform.


How to Find an ERP System That’s Easy to Use: 5 Tips

This article from Business 2 Community, outlines five tips to successfully find an ERP solution that works for you. One of the key factors, which is the highlight of this article in my opinion, is that each tip uses direct quotes and references from other consultants, experts and research.

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