Monthly Roundup of Top ERP Articles!

The growing awareness of the massive contribution ERP software brings to the company is shown recently in many articles and blog posts online. To save you time, spent on browsing for useful articles, I gathered the top 5 ERP articles and posts this week. This is a roundup of the best of the month ERP articles.

ERP Upgrade Conundrum: Calculating the True Cost

Making a choice between upgrading an old ERP software or moving on to a modern cloud solution can be quite difficult. There are elements to be considered when upgrading your old financial management software. You must be aware of the costs in infrastructure, operational support, maintenance and status quo opportunity cost.

A Guide to Planning and Executing the Right ERP Implementation

According to a recent study, 25% of ERP implementations fail while up to 80% are over-priced and require too much development time. Executing a perfect ERP implementation calls for proper planning, the creation of a scalable solution, shopping around and finding the right tools. You must also involve all the stakeholders in the decision-making including the IT section and other executives.

Tried and Tested Tools to Improve ERP Onboarding and Adoption

The WalkMe, Intercom, SAP Jam, Measurely, and Userfox are software tools that are known to improve ERP onboarding and adoption. These are very powerful tools that offer onscreen guidance, allow employees to connect with experts, allow the sending of emails to welcome users and judge the success of their on-boarding and adoption content.

Oracle Focuses on ERP as Next Phase of the Cloud Push

According to Tim Ebbeck, a managing director at Oracle, Oracle believes that the ERP cloud will be a significant area in the next 12 months. Oracle currently has more than 1000 ERP cloud customers as it continues its push into the public cloud market. Oracle is trying to change the client perspective by focusing more on the customers and less on their products.

Will Popular Add-ons Work for Dynamics in the Cloud?

Microsoft is looking to attract more organizations to invest in the Dynamics GP to ease their workflow and also improve their agility and reliability. According to Microsoft, Dynamics GP in the cloud gives their customers enhanced security and greater remote access.

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